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Whether it's the Micro, Mini, Compact, Versatile or the Rotary range the Honda range of tillers caters for every application.


Micro - Ideal for the lighter jobs such as flowerbeds or turning soil.  Lightweight, easy to use and store away makes this perfect for smaller gardens.

Mini - If you need something a little more than the Micro tiller then the Mini is perfect.  Smaller gardens and vegetable plots are where the Mini comes into it's own.  The Mini takes the effort out of the harder tasks such as preparing the ground for planting or seeding.  It's also perfect for clearing weeds inbetween rows of plants and tidying flowerbeds and borders.

Compact - For the larger gardens and vegetable plots.  The Compact range are highly manoeuvrable and easy to use, but powerful enough to get the job done.  The range is designed for a super-efficient approach to gardening.

Versatile - For all types of jobs around the large garden.  This 2 two-wheel tractor can be equipped with rotary tools and a wide range of other accessories like ploughs, rear tines, trailers & snow blades.  Versatile tillers can be adapted for any type of job, fitted with a power take-off to drive accessories and a side clutch for easy handling when turning around at the end of a row.

Rotary - If you're preparing or maintaining larger plots of land for cultivation then the reliable rotary tillers are robust enough to take the effort out of a hard task.  These tillers are built to deliver exceptional performance, effortless control and intuitive operation.

Why not call into the showroom and take a look at the range.  The team will dicuss your requirements and find the correct machine for you.  

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