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AL-KO Comfort 38P Combi Petrol Scarifier & Aerator

The Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi Petrol Lawn Scarifier & Aerator offers the same benefits as the award winning 38E model, but with the addition of a 53cc petrol engine. The 38P has a working width of 38cm for the scarifier and 37cm for the lawn rake and is powered by an Al-ko 144F 53cc petrol engine. 

The Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi Petrol Lawn Scarifier & Aerator has a dual function tine system, which frees the lawn of moss and weeds with a minimum of fuss. With regular use the lawn rake guarantees a well maintained and healthy lawn.

The lawn raking cassette has 24 spring steel tines for raking moss, thatch and other garden debris in to the rear 55 litre collector. The scarifier cassette has 14 hardened steel blades for more intensive lawn work. Changing cassettes is simple and tool free. 

Was £349.00 inc vat - Sale price - £310.00 inc vat.

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