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Amenity Flower Mixtures

We have stocked the amenity flower mixtures for several seasons now and it has established itself as a very popular product with the general public, commercial contractors & councils.

The Colour Splash mixtures  are being used on many different sites in the UK to the delight of everyone. 

Some of the benefits of Colour Splash are :-

  • Only flowers (no forages or grass).
  • Very easy to sow - optimum sowing season = Spring.
  • Vigorous plants, capable of competing with weeds.
  • Fast flowering and as long-lasting as possible.
  • Well balanced & successional flowering.
  • Robust plants, capable of resisting a reasonable period of drought.
  • Cost effective.
  • Possible to hand weed.
  • Ideal source of pollen for bees, butterflies & other pollinating insects.
  • Ideal for private gardens, commercial use, sports grounds, hospitals, schools etc.

Call us today to discuss how Colour Splash can brighten up your day !