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With the internet continuing to become ever more popular we are getting several customers coming into the showroom each day with stories of issues they have had with internet purchases they have made.

In this news feed we are not "knocking" the internet, we believe it to be an extremely important part of current society, but it does have its pit falls.

We are faced with questions every day from people who have bought all kinds of machines from internet sites on repairs, warranty work, servicing and parts.  

Unfortunately the after-sales back up given is poor & sometimes even non existent. 

This issue is not solely confined to the internet.  There are several large warehouses who will supply machines that they or no-one else can support.  So please take care.

Buying from a reputable independent expert in the lawn & grass care industry will ensure that you receive sound expert advice on the correct machine for you.  Also we believe the after sales service is just as important as the original sale.  So buying a machine when you have been fully informed in our opinion is a must.

Why not call us today.  Even if you think we are too specialist for you, you will be pleasantly suprised.

We dont just sell you the machine - we fully support you also.

Celtic Mowers "Where the Customer Counts"