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Well firstly may we take this opportunity to wish all our customers, past and present a Happy New Year.

We know the weather is a bit wet and gloomy at the moment but Spring is on the way and it will be upon us before we know it.

Since Covid struck back in March 2020 our supply chains have been under considerable pressure to match their supply with consumer demands.  Brexit and the war in Ukraine have not helped the situation either.

So Celtic Mowers have made a conscious decision over the last few years to invest heavily and maximise our stock holdings so we are not solely reliant on our suppliers when we need to meet our customers' needs.

So now is an ideal time for you to call into the showroom and see what we have to offer for the coming season.  We have small electric machines from less than £100.00 to large commercial machines that cost in excess of £40,000.00. 

Over the last season and lately on a more regular basis we have heard negative stories about some internet sites.  Whilst they show they have stock online they actually don't.  They will however take your money and place the order on "back order".

Once you then try and contact these sites there is no phone number listed and the online chat function is less than useless.  So please be careful.


We still firmly believe that there is no better way to actually physically see the machine you propose to purchase beforehand and receive independent, professional advice on its operation and functions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom.

Have a question - then please telephone 01792 641 517 or email -

We will gladly assist in your enquiry.