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FD280 - Detailed Information

The FD 280’s cutter deck features twin contra-rotating blades (which are not timed) plus a third central blade, which is a unique feature on this type of mower. The cutter deck is front mounted therefore ensuring great visibility over the whole work area! It allows precise cutting under bushes or low-hanging branches, reducing the time spent finishing off with a strimmer. The deck’s robust double backed drive belt should not be damaged should stones or any obstructions be encountered when mowing.


Cutting width is 113 cm, the cutting height ranges from a minimum of 30 mm up to a maximum 90 mm and adjustment is made via a lever having 7 positions which is located next to the operators seat. The cutter deck can be converted into a mulch deck by using the optional kit which can be purchased separately. 

The innovative cutting system produces an increased acceleration in the grass/air stream. The three blades force the grass at high speed into the wide chute which leads directly into the grass catcher. By discharging the grass at such high speed it will be compacted more therefore increasing the efficiency of the 280 litre catcher.

In demanding situations such as high,wet grass, the performance of Grillo’s system is excellent. During autumn, when the grass is covered with leaves, the FD 280 will collect them quickly.

The Grillo FD 280 is an extremely agile mower and a pleasure to use! The rear wheel steer gives an inner turning radius of just 30 cm!


The hydrostatic transmission is pedal operated, forward to go forward and back to go back!
The hydrostatic transmission is pedal operated and easy to use, just press forward to go forward or back to go back!. The pedal is also fitted with “dampers” to avoid erratic movements. In tight areas when maneuvering or if there are obstacles you will find the FD 280 to be extremely agile!


Due mainly to its floating cutter deck the FD 280’s cut quality is exceptional even on undulating ground. The pivoting rear axle and the front drive wheels with their “turf” profile tires plus the cutter decks support system allows it to follow the contours of the ground and therefore reduces the possibility of scalping the grass.

The forward speed ranges from 0 to 9,5 km/h and is continuously variable. Maintenance of your ground will be quick and of a high quality standard. If necessary, the diff -lock, which is operated via a pedal increases both traction and safety. The cutter decks tyres are solid and therefore puncture-proof!

Once the grass catcher is full the blades will disengage automatically, the blades stop in order to prevent blockage of the discharge chute. Its possible to choose the “buzzer indicator” ( by removing an electrical connection) option which signals when the catcher is full.


Emptying the FD280’ s grass catcher is easy! An electric ram is operated via a push-button next to the operator’s seat and the catcher is raised;it will then open automatically and will be completely emptied. The opening of the catcher is via a magnetic latch, simple but efficient!

Engagement of the blades is made via an electro-magnetic clutch. The control is via a switch and there is an LED to indicate when it is on.

The parking brake is activated with a lever. This allows you to get off the machine with the engine still running but only when the blades are disengaged.

The FD280 is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, 14 HP twin cylinder petrol engine with electric key start with a fuel tank capacity of 8 ltrs. The engine is 499cc with over head valves and incorporates the latest technical innovations ensuring reliability, low emissions, reduced fuel consumption, high performance and vibrations which are reduced to a minimum. The FD280’s exhaust “Grillo Super Silent” is designed by Grillo themselves in order to obtain the highest possible noise reduction levels for operator comfort. The engine is a professional type with bearings on the crank, an oil pump, oil filter and cast iron cylinder liners.


The FD280’s styling is up to the minute! The bodyworks clean lines as well as the attention to detail will impress everyone!


The driving position of the FD280 is ergonomic. The dampened and adjustable seat, together with a height adjustable steering wheel, makes this a lawnmower ideal for any situation.

Once you have finished mowing, the cutter deck can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly by simply connecting a water hose to the coupling.


The FD280’s deck can be stood vertically on its feet which are designed for this purpose; just remove the drive belt to effect all maintenance work. There is also the facility to remove the grass chute if required. The engine’s transmission components are accessed by lifting either the grass catcher or the seat. The machine is fitted with lifting hooks for easy transportation.


All components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of a high standard. The chassis, cutting transmission, cutter deck, are all built by Grillo using premium materials and cutting edge technology. All this in order to achieve a constant 100% quality control level. Painting of Grillo machines incorporates a double electrostatic powder coating process.

At the first stage are the washing baths and preparation, then a first protective coat is applied which is then baked in a special oven, this has proven to be the best base for the application of the finish. The second coat consists of powder coating and still further baking in an oven at 190°C, this then produces the characteristic hardness and shine.

All FD280s are assembled with care in every detail and tested scrupulously by specialized personnel. Final inspection includes running the engine in order to check all its functions to ensure a further and final guarantee of a first class product. 

The FD280, as with all Grillo products, was designed and built to last plus retain its value over many years. All Grillo machines are distributed and serviced by a widespread dealer network. Spare parts remain available for many years after production has stopped giving you extra confidence in Grillo.