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Scarifying has long since been regarded as one of the most efficient ways of promoting grass growth. Scarifying removes weeds and moss, aerates the soil, breaks up sods and surface crusting, improves moisture and improves herbicide absorption which stimulates the growth of grass.

Trailed Grass Harrow

 Benefits include:

  • More cost effective than the mounted version.
  • Suitable for small compact tractors.
  • Easy hookup eyes.
  • Quick and simple to assemble.
  • Reduces the need for artificial fertilisers.
  • Excellent for lifting out moss, spreading manure and levelling mole hills.
  • Also excellent for root aeration which promotes improved water infiltration and growth.
  • Strong robust design ensures long life and minimum maintenance.

Mounted Grass Harrow

Features include:

  • Designed to pull at a 5 degree angle so that the ground is completely covered and tracking does not happen.
  • Harrows are designed to cover all applications from large farms to small holding and equestrian venues
  • Folding is a simple manual operation taking only seconds for one person.

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