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Honda Lawn & Garden Machinery Warranty Periods

Honda Lawn & Garden Products remain one of the leading brands in the market.  Hence they remain in pride of place here in our showroom.

When you buy a Honda machine you are not only getting a premium product, designed & developed over the years to stay at the forefront of the market, but also a warranty period to match. 

We set out below the current Domestic Warranty periods for the various ranges.  We realise that when you are purchasing your new machine there are a number of important factors, with the warranty period being one of them.*


On the electric mowers, including the Miimo range.


 On the Izy and HRS Lawn Mower range, Ride-on's & handheld equipment.

On the HRD, HRX & HRH ranges along with the UMR Grass Managers.

Why not call the team to discuss these generous warranties in more detail.

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

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