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Whether it's the UMC 425E or UMC 435E, these proven 4-stroke Honda Power Head Units operate in a market where the competiotion is made up of 90% 2-stroke machines.

The benefits of four-stroke power include best in-class noise levels, vibration, emissions, usability and starting; and cost savings on fuel and servicing. Additionally, four-stroke power delivers higher torque through the rev range, ideal for heavy-duty applications such as pruning and cutting, as well reducing the chance of engine stalling.

Why buy a machine that limits you to just one function when you can have a machine that gives you multiple functions therefore saving £££'s on buying individual machines. 

Treat yourself to this Versatile Versatool - you will not be disapointed ! 

The Linecutter

With its reinforced nylon head and tap & go line extension, the Linecutter attachment makes light work of hard to reach and the most unkempt of areas. You even have an optional 3-tooth blade for heavy-duty areas.

The Blower

The Blower attachment has a powerful targeted airflow parallel to the ground which decreases usable air stream losses. With the air intake from the top, the Blower won’t get clogged which means it can keep going as long as you can.

The Edger

The Edger attachment makes it easy to give your lawn a neat finish. It also has a tough long-lasting metal anti-wearing strip, so it works hard without letting you down.

The Cultivator

Ideal for small vegetable patches or flowerbeds. The Cultivator’s 20cm working width gives you accuracy when moving around tight beds. And the 4-stroke, high torque performance engine takes the heavy work out of tackling compacted soil.

The Pruner

The 4-stroke engine combined with the Pruner attachment gives you a constant torque, even at low rpm, to help you take care of the
toughest branches.

The Hedge Trimmers

Whether shaping or trimming hedges and bushes both the long Hedgetrimmer (540mm) with a 90 degree adjustable angle and the short Hedgetrimmer (500mm) with its 54 degree adjustable angle, are up to the job. The blades are auto-sharpening and equipped with an anti-snapping guard.

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