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Knapsack & Handheld Sprayers

The range of sprayers in the knapsack & handheld market is vast.  Over the years we have stocked dozens of products from various manufacturers.  We now though believe we have settled on 3 main stock items which we feel cover all the needs of our customers, no matter what their application.

Handheld - STIHL SG31

  • Manual Sprayer.
  • 5 litre container.
  • Ideal for domestic users.
  • Easy handling due to large filler opening.
  • Ergonomic shut-off valve.
  • Telescopic tube.
  • Comes with hollow cone & jet fan nozzle.
  • In-built holder for lance when not in use.
  • All you need from a handheld sprayer.

Knapsack - OREGAN 518769

  • Manual sprayer.
  • 16 litre container.
  • Ideal for domestic & light commercial users.
  • Hose length - 2 metres.
  • Ergonomic & easy to store.
  • Includes lance & spray nozzle.
  • Shoulder strap & spare seal kit included.
  • Lance holder.
  • A good entry level knapsack sprayer.

Knapsack - Cooper Pegler CP15

  • Manual sprayer.
  • Preferred sprayer by agricultural, horticultural and amenity users world-wide.
  • Robust & accurate agro-chemical applicator.
  • Pressure limitor to adjust pressure for various spraying tasks.
  • Left/right hand operation.
  • High resistance GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic) lance adaptable for all types of nozzles.
  • Double filtration system to clean impurities before nozzle outlet.
  • All working parts mounted inside the tank to prevent damage.
  • Few moving parts and none are exposed to friction, thus ensuring resistance to dirt in the spray liquid.
  • Plus: wide filler hole to prevent overflow when filling.


Call into the showroom and see the range for yourself.  These are our recommendations, so if you don't see what you are looking for then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.