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Kubota Spares & Accessories

When it comes to Kubota, we feel there is no-one better in the locality.  Our experience of this quality brand is second to none.

We have decades of in-house experience in supplying & maintaining these machines & to do so we have to carry a comprehensive range of spares & accessories.

We pride ourselves on being able to keep our customers up and running no matter if their machine is 25 years old.  A sample of our current inventory is below.

- KU-07916-26560 - Piston & Rings.

- KU-11-30-277 - Bracket.

- KU-12301-12010 - Exhaust.

- KU-12521-61510 - Recoil Case.

- KU-15271-53000 - Nozzle Holder Assembly.

- KU-15321-63040 - Clutch Over Run.

- KU-15531-03313 - Head Gasket.

- KU-15531-11760 - Inlet Manifold.

- KU-16241-64012 - Dynamo.

- KU-16851-60014 - Solenoid Stop.

- KU-16863-21050 - Ring Set.

- KU-18480-12112 - Muffler.

- KU-18961-02800 - Voltage Regulator Unit.

The above is just a very small sample of what we carry, so if you can't see what you want then just give the team a call.