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Landscape with Ryegrass

This section covers grass seed for the garden, parks, housing estates & general landscaping.  These specifically designed grass seeds will ensure your grass no matter what the application is kept looking it's best all year round.


  • Quality lawns.
  • High quality landscape areas.
  • Excellent all year round appearance & colour.

A high quality lawn & landscape mixture with ryegrass that produces a fine, dense sward with good colour & wear tolerance.


  • Multipurpose use.
  • Back lawns.
  • General landsacaping.
  • Housing estates.

An excellent multipurpose lawn & landscape mixture that establishes quickly with high wear tolerance & good appearance.


  • High wear areas.
  • Reseeding.
  • General landscaping.
  • Quick establishment.

An economical landscape ryegrass mixture that establishes quickly giving rapid cover & good wear tolerance.  Estate contains only true amenity cultivars.


  • General landscaping.
  • Attractive sward.
  • High wear areas.
  • Parks.

A mixture of amenity ryegrass, fescues & smooth stalked meadow grass that together produce a durable, dense, attractive sward for use in lawns & landscape situations.


  • General landscaping.
  • Quality lawns.
  • Fine appearance.

This popular general purpose mixture will produce an attractive sward with good wear tolerance but with relatively low maintenance.  The inclusion of a low percentage of ryegrass will provide a durable sward that will establish quickly.


  • Roadside verges.
  • Will tolerate poor soils.

This mixture conforms to the specification of the Department for Transport official mixture.


  • Designed to be the most suited for horses & ponies.
  • Forms a pasture with a dense sward but very capable of producing good yields of high quality horse hay.

The "creeping" natures of the fescue & meadow grasses ensure that this  ley will "repair" itself where heavy treading or close grazing have occurred.  This mix is very responsive to moderate use of nitrogen fertiliser that will enhance yields of forage for hay and assist with recovery after cutting.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Broad range of species.
  • Tolerant of low quality conditions.

A land reclamation mixture that has low maintenance requirements suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.

For further information on pack size, sowing rate, cutting height & mixture then please get in touch.