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Landscape without Ryegrass

This section covers quality lawns, building surrounds where there are steep slopes & banks & areas where there is shaded / dry soil.  The 3 grass seeds in this range are summarised below.


  • Quality lawns & landscape areas.
  • Fine appearance.
  • Reduced mowing.

Produces an attractive, fine, dense quality sward for use on non ryegrass ornamental lawns & landscape areas.  The inclusion of rhizomatous grasses provides resistance & strength to the sward.


  • Building surrounds, steep slopes & banks.
  • Non ryegrass landscape areas.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Helps soil stabalisation.
  • Fine leaved.

An economic non ryegrass mixture for landscape areas, including steep banks where the mix will help facilitate soil stabalisation.


  • Shaded / dry soils.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Reduced mowing.
  • Fine appearance.

A true low maintenance mixture that has good shade & drought tolerance with a slow growth habit.  Ideal to use under trees and in all shady lawn & landscape situations.

For further information on pack size, sowing rate, cutting height & mixture please get in touch.