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Over the past few months we have seen a marked increase in local bowls clubs calling into the showroom to discuss the upkeep and maintenance of their club's bowling green.

It apears that local councils are passing this task over to the individual club's, who in many cases have limited expertise in this area.

Here at Celtic Mowers we have decades of expertise in the maintenance & upkeep of bowling greens.  From all year round treatment of the green to the supply & installation of machinery. Our turn key service ensures you keep your green looking the best in the County !

Why not call in and talk to our experts.  We can arrange site visits if required to ensure your club gets the exact products which are best suited to the job.

Why not all us today and take advantage of this fully professional service.  Other clubs are so make sure yours does not miss out.

Celtic Mowers - Where the Grass is Always Greener !