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Meet Celtic Mowers Very Own Stig !

As you may have heard on 96.4 The Wave, Badger and Claire have been talking about racing ride-on lawnmowers.  Well Gary heard this and called the station to make it happen !

So this coming bank holiday Monday at the Classic Car Show, Singleton Park Celtic Mowers very own Stig will be taking on Claire of the breakfast show.

The machines will be identical, brand new Honda HF2315HME ride-on's so there is no advantage for either driver !!  Claire has never driven a ride-on before so our very own VO5 Dave will be her instructor.  And with the machines costing over £3,500 each the pressure is certainly on !

So who is the Celtic Mowers Stig ?? 

Some say he can cut grass just by looking at it and that he sleeps under the work bench in the workshop - All we know is he's called "THE STIG".

So why not pop along the the Classic Car Show this Monday, 2nd May 2016 to see the race unfold.  The course is mapped out, the ride-ons are serviced and ready to go - it will be a great day !

Our Stig has a message for Badger - "You're next Badger - you have talked a good talk so let's sort out a race between all 3 of us".  He very rarely talks so for him to say this is a miracle !

See you there.