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Mountfield Electric Range

Constantly one of our most popular electric lawn mower ranges.  The mixture of a high quality, reliable product and attractive prices make these machines extremely popular with our customers.  The Princess range has been developed over the years and the current models are very well put together.

Key facts :-

Model - Princess 34 38 42
Type Electric Electric Electric
Propulsion Push Push Push
Cutting width (cm) 34 38 42
Motor 1400 watt 1600 watt 1800 watt
Rear roller Yes Yes Yes
Cutting height (mm) 25-75 25-75 25-75
Cutting height settings 6 6 6
Grass bag capacity (litres) 35 40 50
Mulching plug Yes Yes Yes
Weight (kg) 12 13 14

Call in today and see these models side by side for yourself.  They have been a firm favourite over the years for a reson !