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Muck Truck Power Barrow

Bought buy one of our long standing customers to assist with the movment of items around his small-holding.  A really neat way of moving loads of up to 250kgs with ease and minimal effort.

  • Honda GXV 160cc, 4-stroke petrol engine - 5.5hp.
  • Transmission - 3 x forward gears & reverse.
  • Max speed 3.5mph.
  • Unleaded.
  • Capacity - 250kgs / 550Ibs / 6cu ft.
  • 4 wheel drive.
  • Designed to be maneuverable and fits through the standard garden gate.
  • Reports suggest that it the Muck Truck can improve productivity by some 400% over the standard wheelbarrow.  Therefore improving efficiency & reducing operator fatigue.
  • Weight unlaiden - 120kgs. 

So if you want an intelligent solution to moving heavy items around then look no further.  Our customer is delighted with his new machine and has commented that jobs that were back breaking are now far easier, making work around the small-holding far more enjoyable. 

If you are interested in talking through how the Muck Truck can help you then give Terry a call to discuss the benefits further !