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We were all talking in the office today about something different we could add to the website.  After much deliberation two ideas were put forward.  One Terry & Gary agreed on and one that Kim wanted to push.  Well what were they ?

Terry & Gary wanted to do a feature on customers lawns.  Whilst Kim wanted to do a feature on........

Customers Wives !  Terry & Gary did agree whilst fun, not really appropriate.

So customers lawns it is then.  James kicked this off yesterday (see previous post) so today Gary (from our office) will take up the mantle.

  • Weapons Of Choice - Honda HRX426QXE (17" Rear Roller) & Mountfield 18" Self Propelled (4 wheeled) & Mountfield 725M (ride-on - bought & never used - wife not too happy).
  • Treatment so far this year - Weed & Feed Plus Mosskiller.
  • How often - on average at least 4 times a week.  Yes thats right he cuts the lawn that much !
  • Do you enjoy cutting the lawn ?  See above point !
  • Goal - Have the best lawn in the village.

Want to put your lawn forward -