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November Lawn Care "Top Tips"

Our news feeds of late have covered lawn care at this time of year in general.  In this article we go a little bit deeper and offer advice on how to keep the garden looking tip top along with the products you need to get the job done !

  • Grass will continue to grow in temperatures above 5°C (41°F).  Don't cut the grass as short as you would in the summer to avoid damaging the lawn.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Cutting height between 1 1/4" to 2".

  • Rake fallen leaves off lawns, they will block out the light and stop moisture escaping from the grass, increasing the chance of moss and algae.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Use a good quality flexible lawn rake or better STIHL the STIHL BG56 / BG86 Petrol Blower.

  • If the soil isn't waterlogged you can carry out autumn lawn care i.e. scarification and top dressing.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Viking LB540 Petrol Powered Scarifier and Thomas Elliot lawn sand and top dressing.

  • Don't feed the lawn with left-over summer feeds.  These contain too much nitrogen, which stimulates lush growth which will be vulnerable to diseases.  Use an autumn lawn feed, which contains more potassium and phosphorous and strengthens the roots.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Thomas Elliot 3-6-8 with 4% iron.

  • Its too late to sow grass seed, but if the weather is not too cold new lawns can be laid from turf.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Do your research and use a reputable turf supplier.  Contact us for more advice.

  • Its too late to apply lawn weed killers.  They work best when the weeds are in active growth.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Treat the lawn with Thomas Elliot 3-6-8 with 4% iron.

  • Established meadows can be cut the same as normal grass over the winter, but don't cut them as short as you would your lawn.  Recently planted meadows will not need mowing until the middle of spring.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Cutting height between 2" to 3".

  • Toadstools often appear on lawns at this time of year, most are harmless saprophytic fungi but are best removed if small children are present.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Treating the lawn with Thomas Elliot 3-6-8 with 4% iron will help their control.

  • Watch your lawn for signs of water logging.  Algae can be a problem on lawns where there is poor drainage, excessive shade or under the drip-line of trees.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Give Terry a call for expert advice on the best way forward for your specific issue.

  • Fusarim parch (snow mould) may be a problem in wet weather and on an overfed and lush lawns that have been allowed to grow too long.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Keep your lawn to our suggested lengths.  If the problem still persists the give Terry a call.

  • Remember to drain the fuel from your mower, unleaeded petrol doesn't keep very long.  CELTIC TOP TIP - Get yur machine serviced during the winter months taking advantage of our superb winter service discounts.  15% on labour rates and 50% on collection and delivery charges.  CELTIC TOP TIP - STIHL MotoMix - developed by STIHL to give the pre-mixed fuel mixture a shelf life of up to 2 years.  Available in store.  Call for more details.

We hope you find these posts useful.  If there is a topic you would like us to cover then please drop us an email and we will look into it for you. 

We are here to help and assist our customers as much as possible.

And remember - To keep your lawn looking "Tip Top" follow Celtic's "Top Tips" !