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Petrol Blowers

Whether you are a home owner, caretaker, landscaper, council etc.  The range of Stihl Petrol Blowers are ideal for clearing outdoor areas no matter how large.  These machines offer exceptionally high performance along with ergonomic operation.

Key features at a glance :-

BG56 - 27.2cc STIHL 2-mix engine, 4.2kgs in weight, ErgoStart, round nozzle & stop button.

BG66 - 27.2cc STIHL 2-mix engine, 4.7kgs in weight, ErgoStart, round nozzle, catalytic converter, intergrated muffler & stop button.

BG 86 - 27.2cc STIHL 2-mix engine, 4.5kgs in weight, ErgoStart, round & flat nozzle, anti-vibration system, HD2 filter, ElastoStart, locking throttle lever with stop button.

Petrol Blowers from STIHL - They really will blow you away !