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Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Winter officially begins in just a few weeks. You have probably already made the necessary preparations in the garden, but perhaps you have not yet had time for this. Below is a list of subjects that require attention in the garden before winter, so you can run through the list and make sure you have not forgotten anything.

If a pond freezes over in winter, this is not good for the plants and fish, so a de-icer should be installed in the pond. An even better solution is a combined de-icer and aeration pump. This keeps an area of the pond free of ice during periods of frost, with the pump providing the essential oxygen. This indispensable combination will help your fish and plants survive the winter.

Ice can do more damage than you may think. Water expands in volume as it freezes, putting pressure on pipes and hoses. This may cause them to crack or burst so that they need replacing. Outdoor water pipes should be emptied. First disconnect the water supply inside the house, then turn on the outdoor tap until all the water has run out. Don’t forget to empty the garden hose and sprinkler as well.

There is more to winter preparation than simply protecting plants and equipment. Birds need attention too. They need an adequate supply of food to survive the winter, and food can be scarce in cold weather. You can help the little birds in your garden by providing them with food. Remember that they will only feed in a spot where they feel safe. Place the food at a height of at least 1.75 m in a place with an open view all round. They will be grateful.

There are differing views on what to do with dahlias in winter. The tubers are often removed from the ground before the first night frost. However, dahlias generally benefit from experiencing slightly colder conditions before being dug up, so some people are prepared to run the minor risk of the tubers being damaged by a severe first frost. In fairly mild climates this is not usually a problem. If you are one of those gardeners who prefer to leave their tubers in the ground for longer, now is the time to dig them up before the risk of frost damage becomes too great.

Preparing the greenhouse
Plants need to stay warm in winter, but they also need as much light as possible in the greenhouse. During autumn the hours of daylight diminish fast. Even though the days will soon begin to lengthen again, light is definitely an issue in October. Keep the greenhouse windows clean to ensure that your plants get as much light as possible.

Your greenhouse should also be insulated against the cold, otherwise vulnerable plants will suffer from cold and draughts rather than receiving the protection they need. Greenhouse heaters are far less effective in a poorly insulated greenhouse. Heaters should also be checked occasionally to make sure they still work properly. Your plants will show their gratitude in spring.

Garden furniture
Not all garden furniture is resistant to cold and frost. Teak furniture can simply be left outside and cleaned with a brush and soapy water in spring. Plastic and cane furniture, on the other hand, is vulnerable to cold and damp. It can also become discoloured in the sun. That would be a shame, so this furniture should be cleaned up and put away for winter.

Garden tools
Tools that are no longer needed once the planting and other winter tasks have been done should be cleaned and oiled before storage. This will keep them in good condition.