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STIHL - Personal Protective Equipment

When working with machinery having the best possible protection is very important. You must be able to rely on your protective equipment. STIHL offer first class protective equipment, which is very comfortable to wear. STIHL also recognise that as well as the clothing being of the highest safety standards, today's users also want their kit to look stylish and not procure them from looking smart.

Over the years the STIHL range as been devolped to ensure that it remains ahead of the field both in terms of safety and style.

As STIHL Main Agents we have access to the full range of protective clothing, ensuring you always stay protected whilst looking smart.

ALL Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to have a CE mark which is the result of European Directives and European Standards.  For more information then visit the STIHL website or just give us a call.

We cannot stress enough the importance of safety clothing whether you are a a light domestic user or large contractor.   

Why not call us today to find out more about the range.