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A customer emailed in earlier this week enquiring about lawnmowers, in particular cylinder machines.

After getting to know James a little better it became evident that a cylinder mower was not right for his application and a rotary mower with a rear roller was for more suitable.

James has just moved into a new house with a newley laid lawn and was wondering how difficult it would be to have the stripe effect on the grass.  After a 15 minute discussion we had explained that buying the right machine with a rear roller would be ideal and stripes would then be easily achievable.  That afternoon.......

We have to say for a first attempt this is very good indeed.  James then made a second cut slightly lower after these pictures and the results were even better.

Also James has now put a weed, feed & mosskiller application down so in a week or so's time he should see even better results, with the lawn becoming a richer, greener colour and any weeds or moss within the lawn being killed off.

So if you are like James and are wondering how hard it is to achieve the striped affect on your lawn then please just get in touch and our experts will gladly talk things through with you.  Be Smart - Be Like James !

Telephone - 01792 641517 or email

There is no substitute for independent, free, professional advice so please just give us a call.  With over 100 years in-house experience we have the answer.