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Sprayer Trio From Stihl

Stihl has introduced its first manual sprayers - the pump-and-go SG 31 wand sprayer and the SG 51 and SG 71 knapsack sprayers.

With a five-litre capacity and hose-mounted spray wand, the SG 31 pressure sprayer is suitable for professional gardeners and has a large, accessible opening to make filling easy. A pressure indicator shows when the pump needs priming and when the sprayer is ready to use. The RRP is £29.50 including VAT.

For larger or more remote areas, the knapsack sprayers offer capacities of 12 and 18 litres. They have adjustable straps, large tank openings and a drain gutter for safe filling or emptying. The tank opening cap incorporates a measuring cup. Piston pumps are used in both knapsack sprayers, primed by an easy-reach lever. The lance has a brass nozzle.

Model SG 51, with a 12-litre capacity, has an RRP of £75 including VAT, while the SG 71 will set you back £89.

We have been delighted with this new addition and it has proved to be a very popular choice with all of our customers.