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Viking Shredders

Viking's powerful range of garden shredders effectively process everything that the garden produces in the way of natural raw materials such as tree, hedge or plant cuttings.  Below are the specifications of the models in the range that we recommend.

MODEL   GE105   GE150   GB 370S   GB 460
    Electric   Electric   Petrol   Petrol
Engine type   230 v   230 v   B&S 850 Series Pro OHV RS   B&S 850 Series Pro OHV RS
Power (W)   2,200   2,200   n/a   n/a
Normal output at working speed   n/a   n/a   3.3kw/ 4.5 PS 3,000 rpm   3.3kw/ 4.5 PS 3,000 rpm
Max branch thickness (mm)   35   35   45   60
Machine height (cm)   97   114   140   137
Weight (kg)   19   26   45   60
Cutting tool   Multi-Cut 103   Multi-Cut 150   Multi-Cut 370   Multi-Cut 450
Housing   Polymer   Polymer   Polymer / metal   Polymer / metal

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