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World's First Motorised Lawnmower Restored To Its Former Glory

The world's first motorised lawnmower has been restored to its former glory more than a century after being invented as the ultimate rich man's toy - costing the equivalent of £15,000 today. 

Andrew Hall, 54, a gardener from Ilminster, Somerset, spent four years working on the 1.25 ton machine that was the forerunner of suburban lawns across the world today.

The Ransome driveable mower cost £137 in 1902 - equivalent to £15,000 today - and was a 20th Century alternative to horse-driven and steam-powered mowers.

Because only the rich could afford them at first they were driven by chauffeurs who were given the task of tending to their master’s lawns.

The 8ft long machine, that is about the same size as a Mini, was initially purchased by Cadbury’s and used in the Bournville village in Warwickshire to maintain a sports field.

It was then bought second-hand by Peugeot Talbot in 1923 to mow their sports field in Coventry.  However, when the motoring firm extended their pavilion they built a new structure over the top of the machine, totally encasing it.  It lay forgotten for more than 50 years until the building was demolished.

Mower enthusiast Mr Hall was then given the machine which he has painstakingly restored.  Luckily, the main frame, body, rollers, cutting cylindar blades and 1906 3hp engine were still intact. 

Mr Hall had to build a new side frame and a grass box assembly and had to locate and replace the chains which run down one side.

Mr Hall, 54, a gardener, said: 'As collectors you are always having to look for rare items or what people haven’t heard of.


We love old, original machines here at Celtic Mowers & when we came across this we thought we just had to share it with you.