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Brushcutters - Machines Of The Year 2015 !

Another fiercely contested market.  With a huge amount of choice out there it can be difficult to make the correct decision.  That's the exact reason why we have undertaken our review.

Terry & Gary discussed this category for a while and changed their mind several times each.  In the end they could not even disagree with the other persons choices, the decision was that close.

So after much deliberation and mind changing - the winners are:  

Category Terry Gary Winner
Small Garden  Stihl FS40  Stihl FS38 Stihl FS40
Entry Level  Cobra BC260C  Cobra BC260C Cobra BC260C
 Mid Range  Kaaz VS256 Stihl FS56  Kaaz VS256
Premium Range Kaaz VF500 Stihl FS410 Kaaz VF500

You may notice that there are no Honda machines in the above results.  They were one of the discussion points that we threw back and forth for some time.  Honda brushcutters are 4-stroke machines and as a result are a little heavier than their 2-stroke rivals.  It was close though and we do like the Honda range.

So if you are in the market for a brushcutter then just get in touch and we will advise you on the best machine for your application.