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Celtic Mowers 2015 Awards - And The Winner Is !


This is something we have been wanting do for a few years now & we have finally done it.  There is always talk in the office of our favourite machines, sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't.  Everyone looks for certain qualities within a machine, but often opinions differ.  Terry & Gary have now sat down and put together the results.  Sometimes they agree where there is a stand out machine in a category, but in the main opinions have differed.

Nobody is right or wrong, it's just their personal opinion formed from decades of experience within the industry.  How to divide & present the awards did prove a little difficult as you have criteria such as size & price to consider.  We have decided to present the results showing both Terry's & Gary's favourite machines within the category & then the overall winner selected after some lengthy discussions between them.

Click on the pictures below to see the results of the various categories.