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Chainsaws - Machines Of The Year 2015 !

Here at Celtic Mowers we have one firm favourite saw - STIHL.  Being main agents of this market leading brand ensures our customers receive our excellent customer service coupled with the quality and supprt of one of the leading brands in the business !

Terry commented "The range of saws from STIHL is vast.  We cherry pick our saws to ensure that our customers get the correct saw, whatever their application.  We recommend that when you move up in bar size you move up in engine cc also.  Because we cherrypick our saws the results below have the inevitable similarities".

So after very little deliberation - the winners are: 

Category Terry Gary Winner
Domestic  MS180 - 14"  MS180 - 14" MS180 - 14"
Semi professional  MS251 - 16"  MS251 - 16" MS251 - 16"
Professional  MS291 - 18"  MS291 - 18" MS291 - 18"

Like we mentioned the results are as expected, both Terry & Gary selected the same saws within each category.  This is purely as a result of cherry picking the saws we stock. 

Obviously as STIHL main agents we have access to the whole of thir chainsaw range - so if you don't agree then just pop in and see us to talk through which models you prefer.

Celtic Mowers In Partnership With STIHL - We Really Do Cut It !