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Quick-fire Guide to Ride-ons

2014 saw one of our best years ever for ride-on sales, both ride-ons & ride-on tractors.

2015 has continued in the same vein, with January being another great month for sales & enquiries.

With a showroom full of ride-ons, covering all prices & applications now is the time to pay us a visit so you can compare all these machines side by side.  Seeing them in the flesh against their rivals we feel is imperative when you are making such a large financial commitment.  There is no substitiute for having all the relevant information you need to make that all important informed decision.

When you are ready to make that all important purchase, what can you expect when you visit our showroom.

  • A warm greeting by one of our loyal team who will direct your query on to one of the sales team.  We do not operate on a commission basis here, so the advice you get will by totally impartial, ensuring that the machine you purchase is the best for you and your given application.
  • The ability to be able to compare similar machines, side by side so you can make your decision knowing you have considerd all of the options.
  • The ability to see machines in the next category up or down.  In some cases the machines customers feel they need are infact not appropriate for their needs.
  • Expert advice & service throughout the purchase, which we feel is second to none.
  • Delivery & installation.  We will arrange delivery of your machine on a mutually convenient date.  We will then fully instruct you on the machines controls etc, spending as much time with you as needed.  If you even want us to cut some grass to demontrate the machine in detail then that's fine.
  • On-going support.  We will gladly assist you through the first few months of ownership as required.  We wnat to ensure that you get the best out of the machine.
  • Servicing.  With such an investment it is important to keep your machine fully serviced.  This ensures you do not invalidate the manufacturers warranty whilst keeping the machine running at it's optimum performance.  We do all this in our workshop here at Celtic House.  Our experts will ensure your machine receives the level of love and care it deserves.

Click on the pictures below for Craig's recommendations from within the varoius categories.

And don't forget - If you need a new mower then just get on the blower !


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