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Ride-ons & Ride-on Tractors - Machines Of The Year 2015 !

Well where do you start !  This is a really competitive sector where consumer choice is vast, however there are a lot of machines out there that we would not recommend.  However the purpose here is to inform our customers of what we believe are the best machines on the market.

Gary mentioned after completing the results "Buying the correct ride-on machine is key.  We hear stories all too often where customers have not sought the correct advice before making their purchase and as a result have made expensive mistakes.  We have decades of experience within this sector and our customers say that the independent advice they get from us in invaluable".

So after much deliberation - the winners are:


Category Terry Gary Winner

 Ride-on up to 3/4 of an acre

 Stiga Combi 1066  Mountfield 827H Stiga Combi 1066
 Ride-on Tractors      
Entry level   Alpina BT84HCB Mountfield 1530H  Alpina BT84HCB 
Mid range Mountfield 3600SH Honda HF2315HME Honda HF2315HME 
Premium range Honda HF2622HT Honda HF2622HT  Honda HF2622HT

Terry & Gary commented that the results basically reflect the stock we carry in the showroom.  Choosing between winners was incedibly difficult as the margins in some cases were slim to say the least.

So if you are looking to purchase a ride-on machine then please get in touch.  Why not email us photos of the area to be cut to assist us in our recommendations.  Dave our driver is always out and about so in some cases it may be beneficial that he calls by to see for himself.  Like we said, getting the correct ride-on is key and with advice being free it's a no brainer.