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The Highline range of lawnmowers from AL-KO is packed full with features that have been cleverly designed and implemented to make mowing easier. AL-KO is dedicated to making high quality and high performance products to make everyday life easier.  The handles of this mower have been designed with comfort in mind. The ergonomic soft grip and easy drive cockpit provide you with an exceptionally comfortable mowing experience.

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to keep your lawn under control then this lawnmower is the perfect solution. It has a Briggs and Stratton series 650 E ReadyStart engine which have a reputation for its high performance and reliability. The Briggs & Stratton engine is 190cc and is capable of producing 2.4kw of power. It has a 1.0 litre fuel tank capacity and a 0.6 litre Oil tank capacity.

The AL-KO 473VS has a cutting width of 46cm / 18 inches which is ideal for medium / large lawn sizes. The cutting height can be adjusted to 7 different positions ranging from 30mm to 80mm. Adjusting the cutting height has never been easier. This cutting deck has an easy to reach lever on the side which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the machine to your desired grass cutting height. The machine has also been specially designed so that it can fit close to walls, this means that you don’t have to spend additional time finishing the edges of the lawn.

The cutting deck is made from a single sheet of pressed steel which is better than welded steel as it is more robust. The cutting deck has been designed to be aerodynamic which greatly improves the way the machine collects grass trimmings. The aerodynamics of the machine allows air to pass through the machine and blow the grass trimmings in to the collection unit. This means that the full space of the collection unit is utilised which results in less time spent stopping to empty the grass collection unit.

This machine weighs only 37.5kg and is very easy to manoeuvre. It has 200mm front wheels and 280mm rear wheels. It is also easy to store when it is not in use due to the AL-KO “Upstanding” functionality. This is a feature that allows the machine to folded and stood on its end in an upright position. This position is well balanced and saves a great amount of space. The AL-KO Highline 473VS is the perfect lawn mower for professional gardeners, gardening fans or even someone who just wants to maintain their lawn.

RRP Including VAT £555.00.  Offer price whilst stocks last £470.00.  Once stocks are gone their gone.